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SFB Register - Modul Graduiertenkolleg

Richard Waltereit (2020-2023 und 2024-2027)

SFB1 412 „Register“

SFB-Leitung: Artemis Alexiadou / Anke Lüdeling

Projekt MGK: Modul Graduiertenkolleg 2024-2027

Projektleitung: Uli Sauerland / Richard Waltereit

Projektmitarbeitende: Anne Temme (z.Zt. beurlaubt) / Britta Schulte

The main aim of the Integrated Research Training Group Register Knowledge is to train a generation of future scholars in the linguistic study of register knowledge. For the 24 doctoral students working in CRC Register, the MGK will provide a set of specific qualification strategies including methods schools, mentoring, exchange stays and peer-to-peer networking events, and with its open recruitment for one-year student fellowships it will underpin the excellence and diversity strategy of the CRC.